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Ms. Le Thi Lan Anh

Bachelor of Korean Language - Hanoi University

Master of PR - Sookmyung Women's University


Welcome to www.VietnameseforU.com!

Language is a tool that facilitate human communication, exchange and understanding. Moreover, language also serves an important role in social development - a bridge connecting different cultures. In the current era, the trend of studying languages or learning about other countries and their people has become inevitable. Among them, Vietnam is known as a beautiful country with famous destinations, hospital and warm natives. In recent years, many foreigners have come to Vietnam to invest, reside and study.


VietnameseforU is established with the aim of bringing the Vietnamese closer to foreigners residing in Vietnam and around the world who are wishing to understand and learn the Vietnamese language. In the 4.0 era, just with a computer and access to the Internet, anyone can learn the Vietnamese language from beginner to advanced levels, from basic to advanced levels anywhere, anytime according to their demand. VietnameseforU is created to satisfy that need.


VietnameseforU's mission is to become the most effective Vietnamese learning tool for everyone who wants to understand and excel at Vietnamese. VietnamesrforU hopes to become the most popular, sought-after website of all foreigners wishing to learn Vietnamese. Our website will be the key to open the door of the Vietnamese language in particular and the nation and people of Vietnam in general.
Bring Vietnamese closer to international friends.
Become an effective, meaningful studying tool to learn Vietnamese.

Thank you

Sincere thanks to Dr. Nguyen Viet Huong, for her inspiration, advice and important contribution for us to complete the important set of Exploring Vietnamese textbooks based on her own basic-intermediate-advanced Vietnamese textbooks.