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Student benefits

You can access all the lessons and materials on the website VietnameseforU during the registration period.
You can choose the appropriate syllabus to study memorize and complete your own agenda in your own time. All of the lexical examples, sentence patterns, and conversations are recorded by native speakers.
You can study anywhere, anytime according to your own schedule.
Native teachers directly support and answer questions related to lessons on the website, correct students' self-written essays and pronunciation.
Register for online lessons 1 on 1 (1 native teacher - 1 student) with a discounted price. Language of instruction is English/ Korean. (Using ZOOM for E-LEARNING)
Consulting and answering questions related to the Vietnamese language in particular and the country, culture and people of Vietnam in general.

What can VietnameseforU offer you?

The learning program on the VietnameseforU website will equip students with the knowledge of pronunciation, basic conversation sentences, idioms and proverbs used in daily communication.
Pronunciation practice

Pronunciation practice

This section includes a 15-unit guide explaining Vietnamese vowels, consonants, tones and rhymes.

Exploring Vietnamese Curriculum

Exploring Vietnamese

The Exploring Vietnamese curriculum includes 150 lessons elaborating 200 conversations, 225 grammatical structures, more than 3000 vocabularies and 750 practical exercises.

Clubs basic phone

Basic conversation sentences

This part is divided into 35 topics to facilitate learning and retaining knowledge, for example, greetings, travel, sports, interviews, etc.

Luyện phát âm

Vietnamese idioms and proverbs

This is an interesting section with 100 idioms and proverbs.

Course fees chart

-10% your first purchase
-15% your next purchase
499. 1 month
(~ 22.00 $)
1.399. 3 months
(~ 61.00 $)
1.999. 6 months
(~ 87.00 $)
2.499. 12 months
(~ 109.00 $)

Experience an enjoyable, effective course.

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